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PLUS - he was one of the founding members  of The Beatles as bass player, and the one  who named the group. As John Lennon’s  best friend, Stuart’s influence on the group  was recognised by his fellow band-  members. Join us to recognise this unique  talent.

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New Memorial bench for Stuart Unveiled!

Isn't it wonderful how a group of Stuart's fans led by Tracy Sadler with help from Maria and her husband Jesus (from Spain) who have gathered together to offer a fitting tribute to Stuart - this wonderful memorial bench situated where Stuart is buried - the "Huyton Parish" church graveyard.

Joyce (Stuart’s sister) with Tracy, pictured

This would not have been possible without assistance from the Canon John Stanley and the church council.

The bench was inaugurated on the anniversary of Stuart's death - on April

The ribbon was designed by Maria and Jesus and was based on an original art
work of Stuart's.

In this photo (left) you can see Joyce cutting the ribbon with the assistance
of her son Andrew (Stuart’s nephew).

Stuart's sister Joyce was asked to cut the ribbon as she had been very supportive of this project as was a Pauline (Stuart's other sister).

At the opening ceremony there were 3 generations of Stuart's family present.

In one of the photos you will see a poignant memory of Joyce and her husband
John Wainwright sitting on the bench with Rod Murray - Joyce and John recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary - Rod gave Joyce away as her father was in the South Americas and could not get the flight home in time.

Rod was one of Stuart's best friends and flat mates whilst at the Liverpool College of Art and they were both joined at some point by John

A photo of Alex (Stuart's grand nephew/ Andrew’s son) reveals the
unmistakable similarity between Alex and Stuart.


Thank you to the people who contributed to the fund for the Stuart Sutcliffe Memorial bench...

Sister Dawn Sadler (for her constant support ), Mars Lordge ( USA ), for his big contribution , very much appreciated. Steve Ford ( USA ), Maria Martin (Spain) and for her design and funding for the the Ceremony Ribbon, (it’s beautiful ), Mark McNulty (professional photographer ) cracking photos Mark...., Canon John Stanley for his constant Support and advice ... David Bedford ... and Stu Johno , the hero of the day for offering to do the digging and cementing our bench securely to the ground... (forever grateful ), and his son Jack for telling his dad how big the hole needed to be :) , to the Sutcliffe family for the blessing Pauline and Joyce...from the get go, without there blessing I could not of done this...especially Joyce for all the emails, advice and kind words when things got too much, forever in my heart.

Finally Stuart Sutcliffe, for his art, talent and bringing us all together... God Bless Stuart, always in our hearts . xxx