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PLUS - he was one of the founding members  of The Beatles as bass player, and the one  who named the group. As John Lennon’s  best friend, Stuart’s influence on the group  was recognised by his fellow band-  members. Join us to recognise this unique  talent.

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New Memorial bench for Stuart by Tracy Sadler

I have been a Beatles fan since I was 14, and now just turned 50, so in those 36 years I have visited Liverpool many times. I have always known of Stuart Sutcliffe, what Beatles fan hasn't? Whatever Beatles book you pick up there is bound to be a picture of Stu in there some where, as he is so amazing looking that it takes your breath away. You cannot miss him.

So the internet has made it easy to find out more about this young man: I have always been drawn to him, his look, his talent, his story.... because he is just that.. a story all of his own, I often tell people -  ‘There was more than just '4' of them, then hand them
Backbeat.’ The internet, gave me that extra information to find out where he was buried, as I was shocked to find out he was in Liverpool, and not Hamburg. On my many visits to Liverpool I needed to go and see for my self. I don't know why, as many people think its strange that you would want to pay your respects to someone you didn't know - a stranger, but the Beatles had become my life, Liverpool had: I don't own a passport, never been abroad, so every given opportunity I dash of to the ‘pool’ and live a little.

I wasn't even sure if I was allowed to go to pay my respects as I had not heard of any of my fellow Beatle fans visiting him. So I contacted the church, asked if it was ok and did the family allow people to visit. I was told Yes, they welcome it, so I got what I needed, a map of the area, the church, the grave, even though I had been told where it was. When I got to Huyton, I seemed to lose all my logical thinking, even with the map in my hand and I began to get nervous: my heart was beating like a drum and it started to rain. After spending at least 45 minutes at the church itself, something didn't click, there wasn't a grave in sight that looked like the pictures I had seen of Stu's grave.

In the end we asked a passer-by where the graveyard was, and the young lady pointed in a direction away from the church in the left-hand corner of Blue Bell Lane. I got to the small graveyard, and I was so relieved, but nervous. As we approached the gates, my heart was beating out of my chest. It was a small, “oldie-worldie” type of graveyard with lots of statues of angels with no heads, vandalised in parts.