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PLUS - he was one of the founding members  of The Beatles as bass player, and the one  who named the group. As John Lennon’s  best friend, Stuart’s influence on the group  was recognised by his fellow band-  members. Join us to recognise this unique  talent.

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New memorial Garden at Gambier Terrace, Liverpool

After discussion the Residents of Cathedral court (No 1&2 Gambier Terrace) have decided they would like to create two parterres outside their residence: one to acknowledge the young men who used the buildings at the north end of Gambier Terrace during WW1 to recover (or not) from their wounds and the other to acknowledge another young man, Stuart Sutcliffe, who resided with John Lennon at No 3 Gambier Terrace and in his short lifetime created a substantial body of art and in his spare time help "create" The Beatles.

The idea to celebrate Stuart came from Brian Carney, who lives in part of Stuart's flat at 3 Gambier Terrace; Brian is a big Beatles' fan and when he saw a new resident to the area starting to do up the gardens at the north-end of Gambier Terrace, he wondered out loud whether Stuart ought to have someing like John has outside Dakota Buildings in Central Park NYC.

Commenting on Stuart's parterre, Anne and Ken ( the former and the current Tenant reps, respectively, at Cathedral Court) said:  Also I think that the Stuart Sutcliffe memorial should concentrate solely on the life of the man and his work as an  artist and try to downplay any connection with the Beatles.. They would be interested to know what the fans think on the matter. If it is decided to focus on his art an interesting palete of colours is available: the eponymous Admiral Lord Gambier after a highly successful naval career moved into developing the pansy/viola species - which as you know come in a range of diffent colours!!

First news here

David Bedford, on behalf of the Stuart Sutcliffe Fan Club is heading up the celebrations, so keep in touch for regular updates!