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TOP: Stuart with George and John

RIGHT: Pete, George, John, Paul, Stu

BELOW: Stuart with George

BOTTOM: Klaus, Astrid, Stuart   

Stuart became an integral member of The Beatles in Hamburg, where he met and fell in love with Astrid, who took some incredible photos of The Beatles.

The Beatles

Stuart and The Beatles

Stuart joined the group at the end of 1959 after John and Paul cornered him in The Casbah. The group were in need of a bass player, but very few people could afford to buy a bass guitar. Stuart had displayed a painting at the annual John Moores Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. Although he didn’t win, John Moores purchased his painting, so he now had the funds to buy a bass guitar! John and Paul realised this quickly, hence the reason they cornered Stuart!

They eventually succeeded, and persuaded Stuart to buy a bass guitar and join the group. Having finally finished using the name “Quarrymen”, they temporarily appeared as “Johnny and The Moondogs”, but this wouldn’t be a permanent change. A better name was needed.

And so it fell to Stuart to come up with the name “Beatals”, his homage to Buddy Holly’s group “The Crickets”. The name eventually morphed into The Beatles as John, Paul, George, Stuart and their new drummer Pete Best headed to Hamburg. Too often, Stuart’s role has been belittled or dismissed, but not according to his fellow band mates.

“I looked up to Stu, I depended on him to tell me the truth. Stu would tell me if something was good, and I’d believe him”.—John Lennon

“I felt I knew Stuart because hardly a day went by that John did not speak about

him”.—Yoko Ono

“He (Stuart) was a major attraction because of the James Dean thing, the dark, moody

thing. I think a lot of people liked that”.—Paul McCartney

“Stu was more than just the bass player—he was like our art director”.—George


Stuart will always have a special corner of my heart. A sensitive, caring young man, he was my friend and supportive ally on many occasions. His talent was outstanding and, thank God, will endure; as his memory endures with me. His life was cruelly cut short but the legacy he left behind was his work - and his enthusiasm for life, truth and love.” - Cynthia Lennon